pyfuse3 is a set of Python 3 bindings for libfuse 3. It provides an asynchronous API compatible with Trio and asyncio, and enables you to easily write a full-featured Linux filesystem in Python.

pyfuse3 releases can be downloaded from PyPi. The documentation can be read online and is also included in the doc/html directory of the pyfuse3 tarball.

Getting Help

Please report any bugs on the issue tracker. For discussion and questions, please use the general FUSE mailing list. A searchable mailing list archive is kindly provided by Gmane.

Development Status

pyfuse3 is in beta. Bugs are likely.

pyfuse3 uses semantic versioning. This means backwards incompatible changes in the API will be reflected in an increase of the major version number.


The pyfuse3 source code is available on GitHub.